3 January 2011


Good things come in small sizes, and sometimes with limited access, too! Such is most certainly the case with a small bakery located in New Delhi’s Meher Chand Market. I am unsure if such a location for an eatery dishing out YUMMM pastries is an asset or a liability. For not many may have access to its delicacies. Word-of-mouth publicity may probably not supplement business as much as a swisher location or multiple outlets would. Leaving their business decisions aside, let’s focus on what they have to offer for our palate. GOPALA is an outlet serving snacks, bakery products and an in house dairy supplementing its sweets’ produce.

The vegetarian pastries on offer comprise of the usual chocolacious affair. But their flavour and gooey-ness are unparallel. My favourite is the Chocolate Roll pastry. If I may sheepishly admit, I have never been to their outlet and have always savoured this pastry at home, licking the excess chocolate off my fingers! Once, I had access to four of their pastries at a go. This leads to the realization that their technique to make all these pastries is the same, without any variation in layering. It has two layers of cake sandwiched between layers of chocolate. The topping differs owing to the name of the pastry.
So, Chocolate Flakes has brown choco-flakes sprinkled on it, and C.Truffle has a small plume of chocolate on one side. The most interesting of the entire lot is “Chocolate Supper” with an enticing design of round pastry, covered with tempered chocolate on the side and a red cherry sitting pretty on top!

Their sweets are not as impressive, though. The Milk Cake and Motichoor Laddoo are barely passable which is a pity considering they have their own dairy. The blogger’s brother happened to taste their Tiramisu and Black Forest pastry and pronounced that they are equally good. The pastries are all reasonably priced at Rs. 30/ Rs.40. The sweets, though, are priced on the higher side with their taste not doing justice to their rates. I'll always long for their Chocolate Roll pastry, for obvious reasons!:-P!

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