4 January 2011

Aloo Tikki Trail

Despite not being much of a potato fan, the accidental discovery of the stuffed Aloo Tikkis at UPSC Chaat made me check out the same preparation at a few other outlets across the capital. Here are some comments from the preliminary round of tasting…

This is a fairly popular joint located in Sarojini Nagar [SN] Market. The ‘Aloo Tikki Chaat’ is served along with chhole [link]. The tikkis are stuffed, but do not have anything striking about their taste. The Chhole, though, makes up for a great accompaniment.

Another one of SN’s buzzing sweet-cum-savoury outlet. Here, the filling inside the tikki struck a balance between tasty and tangy, but the outer covering of boiled potato was quite bland. The Chhole served along with it also didn’t strike a chord with the taste buds.

Located at the quaint and cozy Bengali Market near Mandi House, their Aloo Tikki Chaat completely swept me off my feet! Oh, where do I start! Well, the “aloo tikki” first… this was a very well-prepared snack. The small tikki packed a big punch by being stuffed with green peas [fried and seasoned] and dried musk melon seeds, making it a delicacy in itself! The ‘chhole’ served along with it was another mind-blowing preparation. It struck a perfect balance between well-cooked steamed gram and spices, without having oil floating around it. If this is what they serve along with their “Chhole Bhature” too, then I’ll surely be licking my fingers at the end of it!

The trail continues


  1. Hey, you also should try Kailash Parbat ka aloo tikkis and chhole chat if you haven't tasted them yet...of course for that you will have to come to Mumbai!! :-D :-D No one will be happier than me!!! :-D

  2. hey D. ..i've liked Kailash Parbat, ever since my Dad introduced me to it, around 9-10th std. and then...i became a decently frequent visitor after moving to Colaba!:P!

    but..since i wasn't a potato fan [until UPSC Chaat happened, that is!]..so never tried THAT at Kailash Parbat.

    OF COURSE, it's on my list of places to visit in my next bombay trip!:P! i'll DEFINITELY try the 'Aloo Tikki' now...not only because of the trail..but also for YOUR reccomendation!

    THANKS A TON!:-*!